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Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum is a nuisance and when it covers pavements, pathways and stairs, it can make a client's premises look dirty and unprofessional.

We provide a number of chewing gum removal processes to suit your specific requirements.

The Processes we provide are:

Hot water & Chemicals

Hot water in combination with removal chemicals gradually disintegrates chewing gum deposits. The main problem associated with this method is that it is unsuitable for heavy pedestrian public-spaces, without suitable large-scale barrier restrictions and cordons being in place.

Steam Lance

This method of removal is the most effective. However due to the time-consuming nature of the removal process; it is also the most expensive. As this process utilizes very low pressure, no damage is caused to the surface or grouting.

Machine Scrubber

Again, using hot-water and steam in combination with a heavy-duty rotary scrubbing machine, this type of gum removal helps prevent unattractive "dapple effects" on surfaces such as concrete and paving. This approach is "environmentally friendly" and is ideal for cleaning pedestrian areas, footpaths, block paving and other large flat surfaces.

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