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Elite's Environmental Commitment | Cleaning Services in Manchester

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Recycling services  | Daily Cleaning in Manchester, Leeds and London

Waste Management Services | Daily Cleaning in Manchester, Leeds and London

Our commitment to the environment is something which we take seriously, as one of our core values is to care for, protect and sustain the environments within which we live and work.

ISO 14001 | Daily Cleaning | Office Cleaning | Industrial Cleaning

The company prides itself on working alongside a number of organisations to ensure the protection of health, prevention of pollution and the continual improvement of our environmental performance.

Our ISO 14001 accreditation helps to ensure that our service methods comply with recognised Environment Management Systems standards. We continually review our processes in order to reduce our environmental impact.

The company will reduce its environmental impacts by:

Maintaining an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001 standard.

Setting targets and objectives that can continuously measure the companies’ environmental performance.

Providing training for our employees to educate and motivate them to conduct activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Use recycled produces where possible – minimising the consumption of raw materials and ensuring that any waste generated by the company is disposed of with minimum impact on the environment.

Implement a green travel plan to minimise the impact of car travel on the environment. Our electronic login systems help to minimise paper-based records.

Recycle card, paper & batteries at both head office and client premises.


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