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  • The Battle Agains Healthcare Associated Infections
    This infographic looks at the every day battle healthcare professionals have against infections and...
  • Facts on Washroom Cleaning
    Washrooms are one of the dirtiest places we come into contact with each day. This infographic looks...
  • Carpet Cleaning Facts
    We've pulled together some facts about carpet cleaning and put them together in an easy to read...

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  • Workplace Germs
    Each day thousands of office workers in the UK call in sick after catching the common cold or bug from someone else in the office, causing disruption to the work schedules, an increasing sickness bill for employers and worry for many staff. In a recent survey, it was found that 71% of people often avoided sick co-workers in fear of catching their illness and were worried about transmitting the germs from their workplace back home to their friends and family. Within an office environment, there...
  • Reducing Waste. Creating Energy
    Preserving our environment is one of our core values and over the years we’ve added more and more services to our portfolio to help pass on environmental benefits to our clients - one being waste management. Waste and landfill has a profound impact on our environment - it pollutes the air, contaminates water and produces some of the most powerful greenhouse gases believed to be the leading cause of global warming. We work with clients to create a waste management system that ensures 0% of...
  • Wood Street Mission Easter Project
    At Elite, we support charities throughout the year in fundraising events, charity days at our Head Office and donations and this Easter we’ve decided to support a local charity - Wood Street Mission. Wood Street Mission are a Manchester based charity that support local children and their families affected by poverty. For their Easter Project, Wood Street Mission asked for donations of Easter Eggs to give to these affected children who would otherwise go without a treat this Easter. The team at...
  • Emergency Services Contract Win
    We’ve had a great start to the year after securing a large public sector contract working with the emergency services.This combined with a number of other contract wins puts the company in a great position. The 3 year contract covers 63 sites across the South of England and includes cleaning at Headquarters, office environments, public areas and vehicle workshops. In addition to daily cleaning services, we are providing the client with additional facility services such as barrier matting and...
  • Why is cleaning so important?
    Often, cleaning is taken for granted. But why is it so important in the workplace?
  • 5 things dirtier than a toilet seat
    5 things that most of us touch every and every day that are dirtier than a toilet seat!  
  • Office Cleaning Stats
    Ever thought about how germs might effect the daily life in your office? 4 shocking statistics about germs in the average office.  
  • Where's the dirtiest place in your school?
    Germs in schools can have a massive impact on students and staff's daily routine. This infographic gives a snapshot of some of the germiest places in your average school.  
  • What is microfiber?
    Microfiber cloths are a true cleaning innovation, discover the benefits and why we use them.    
  • Prevent slips, trips & falls this winter!
    Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of major injuries at work, costing UK businesses up to £500 million per year. Wet floors through both cleaning and winter weather are seen to be major contributors to these statistics, but simple steps could be taken to massively reduce the risk to health. In winter, debris, rain water and sleet can easily be brought into buildings causing hazards as well as impacting on the cleanliness of the building. Barrier matting is a simple way to...
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