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Emergency Services Contract Win

Emergency Services Contract Win

We’ve had a great start to the year after securing a large public sector contract working with the emergency services.This combined with a number of other contract wins puts the company in a great position.

The 3 year contract covers 63 sites across the South of England and includes cleaning at Headquarters, office environments, public areas and vehicle workshops. In addition to daily cleaning services, we are providing the client with additional facility services such as barrier matting and periodic window cleaning services.

The client was looking for a contractor with specific objectives in mind. Whilst obtaining best value for money, they were looking for a contractor who would improve their current standards of cleaning, improve the working environment for staff and give proactive management support along with regular review meetings. After a competitive tender process and numerous site visits, we were selected as the contractor that could meet all of their objectives.

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank staff at Elite for all efforts working very hard to achieve the contract success for the 63 fire stations across the South of England. In particular Louise has worked extremely hard in putting together a very thorough and detailed tender which massively contributes to the overall contract award. John spent many hours in assisting on the tender and Lee contributed greatly during the process and at the presentation. Both myself and Gerry are very confident we will deliver an exceptional service to the fire stations and will be a very valued customer.  We’re very much looking forward to working with all the staff transferring over to Elite. "

Kealey Goodwin, Business Development Manager

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