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Prevent slips, trips & falls this winter!

Prevent slips, trips & falls this winter!

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common causes of major injuries at work, costing UK businesses up to £500 million per year. Wet floors through both cleaning and winter weather are seen to be major contributors to these statistics, but simple steps could be taken to massively reduce the risk to health.

In winter, debris, rain water and sleet can easily be brought into buildings causing hazards as well as impacting on the cleanliness of the building. Barrier matting is a simple way to catch debris and absorb water and reduce the chance of these hazards being dragged into further areas of the building. Carrying out cleaning at quiet times of the day (before it opens or at the end of the day) is an effective way of reducing the chance of a slip, however, this might not always be practical. A spillage may need cleaning in the middle of the day, which if not dealt with could pose quite the hazard. Making those in the area aware that cleaning is taking place by putting out wet floor & cleaning in progress signs whilst cleaning and drying can greatly reduce the chance of a slip or trip as people are aware of the hazard. It is also very important to remove these signs once cleaning is completed and floors are completely dry.

It is also very important for our own staff to be aware of their own risk to slips and trips in the work place. Staff are provided with the correct PPE to ensure you are able to conduct your work safely and efficiently. Wearing the right slip-resistant type of footwear whilst working is also vital to ensure staff are safe when carrying out cleaning tasks.

All members of staff are reminded to conduct their daily cleaning tasks with both their own and other members of the public health and safety in mind at a time where slips and trips are at their highest.

If staff need further advice or training on preventing slips & trips this winter, get in touch with Sid Dilkes, our H&S Advisor.

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